The Symbolic Debugger

I first learnt to program in 1978 on a TRS-80 Model 1, and I’ve been developing software ever since. I like to think I’ve pretty much got the hang of it now, but in this industry it’s vital to always be learning new things. Regardless of the technology – be it cutting-edge, mainstream best-practice, or quaint old retro systems – there’s something to be learned from all of it.

Nowadays I’m based in Adelaide, Australia. I work mainly in systems-level software (C++, Linux, multi-threading, distributed systems, etc). My spare time is taken up with retro systems (CP/M etc), iOS development (various small applications), and experimenting with IoT, while also concentrating on my photographic work.

On this site, I try to cover a handful of areas of software development that aren’t well documented or explained elsewhere. For example, there are already dozens of good references for iOS development so there’s not much point in me writing yet another one, but information on CP/M programming in today’s context is much less common.